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Climate Change or Season Change?

Throughout the first half of the waterfowl season, its been a tough one trying to find the birds. Out here in Northeastern Colorado we haven't had a good freeze yet and all the water is still open. The past few years I was breaking ice before the break!

I have talked to many people and it seems we all share the same thought process, the climate isn't changing, the seasons timing is changing. It is December 7th and we haven't had snow or continual freezing yet, but the spring snow storms are increasing. That seems backwards, we should get fall storms and not spring ones for snow. The seasons seem to have shifted a couple of months, and its really only the hunters that share this thought.

The Hunters are the ones that depend on the weather for the most part and we constantly see this change whether it is during the fall rut, the waterfowl season, or the spring turkey sedan that I have been snowed on during the past couple of years.

If anyone reads this, let me know your thoughts on this subject, I'm open to hear other thoughts and feelings about this subject!

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