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Colorado Wolves

Well it has been a few months and it seems there have been nothing but issues since the cities of Denver and Boulder voted YES to the wolf reintroduction.

I knew when this bill was proposed to the state that it would be an issue. Why? Because we already have them here! 2 years before the bill came up I had a wolf run through my campsite in the Poudre canyon. They have been spotted and collared in the Flat Top wilderness so why did we need more?

Colorado went to multiple states asking for wolves and got denied. Now the wolves we have here are closer to Mexican wolves than they are the ones that were here before. There’s a reason other states wouldn’t provide the wolves, because they knew the agenda for the liberals in Colorado. They want this state to be a viewing state, like one big National Park.

On my first scouting session of the year after the roads opened up we found wolf prints. The tacks were RIGHT in the middle of the road we take to get to our hunting spot. We glasses 6 different small groups of elk, on the same hillside, but eating separately. Do you think the wolves have already had a negative impact on the big game around here?

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